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Minecraft is a first person construction game developed by Mojang. Minecraft takes place in unlimited world where are no map size limits. Game is based on various cubes and blocks, that's mean blocks can be built, destroyed or even blew (TNT). Minecraft have over 200 kinds of blocks types some of them is like grass or other of course not everything based on cubes, Minecraft have misc items like weapons, torches and other. Almost every year Minecraft download version changes. The latest Minecraft download version is 1.7.2. You can download Minecraft from official Mojang site, or do this here, just click "Minecraft download" button upper or lower this article.
  Minecraft was fully published on May 17, 2009 and very fast became very popular, received many rewards in Game Developers Conference. Was sold more than 13 million copies of the game and every year it's becomes more and more popular. Minecraft now has over 50000 legal servers and very much modifications, game mods and client-size non-official updates. Minecraft also playable in all consoles and LAN connections. And at end a few minor features of Minecraft: day and night modes, PVP modes, PVC modes, crafting, water, HD graphics and many other features...
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Minecraft downloaddownload Minecraft
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Minecraft download
Download Minecraft

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