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PC requirements

Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1
CPU: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz
GPU (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics or AMD (formerly ATI) Radeon HD Graphics with OpenGL 2.1
GPU (Discrete): Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 2400 with OpenGL 3.1
HDD: At least 200MB for Game Core and Other Files
Java 6 Release 45
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Recommended Requirements

OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1
CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon II (K10) 2.8 GHz
GPU: GeForce 2xx Series or AMD Radeon HD 5xxx Series (Excluding Integrated Chipsets) with OpenGL 3.3
Latest release of Java 7 from java.com
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minecraft news

Update: We’ve released 15w39c. Redstone contraptions should visually update much faster again, and performance should be better on older computers.

Update: We’ve released 15w39b. Buckets am became Death, destroyer of blocks.

The Minecraft team are out for a company workshop, but I’ve decided to stay behind, hold the fort and man the guns. Ain’t no bugs getting past me!

This means I’m all alone. I can do anything I want. Creepers? They’re upside down now. Stairs? They’re sideways… and upside down. I added dirtbikes, removed blocks, and inverted the nether. And nobody can stop me!

Okay maybe not.

Notable changes:

Found a big cause of FPS loss from 1.8, and hopefully fixed it.
Made a funny joke in a changelog.
[51987] – Minecart/Activator Dismount Location is Inconsistent in Cardinal Directions
[52274] – Dismounting does not work to the South, South east, and South west, and is offset in negative quadrants
[65040] – Entities become invisible under certain conditions
[68403] – Entities become invisible after death & respawn
[84060] – Trapdoor placement is awkward
[86391] – Acacia Leaves and Black Oak Leaves pick block function links errors
[87658] – Shield patterns offset by 1 pixel
[88929] – Items lost when shift clicking in full container / inventory

UPDATE: Snapshot 15w38b is now available with the following bug fixes (and more):

[65040] – Entities become invisible under certain conditions
[86048] – Entities are disappearing again
[88832] – White Banner + Shield = Black Shield
[88833] – Pistons don't move/bounce entities
[88837] – Item Duplication / Corrupt Player NBT
[88843] – Items don't move up when stuck in block
[88863] – Cobblestone Walls collision box messed up
[88870] – Flowers hitboxes are too big

Clonk. Clunk. Chunk. Clonk.

(These are the sounds of skeletons, just before they shoot you.)

Notable changes:

Clonk. Clunk. Neigh!
More optimisations!
More bug fixes!
Further improvements to general mob AI.
Taught skeletons how to multitask.
Made all pet (ocelot & wolves) deaths be announced to their owners, not just named ones.
Thunder & Lightning is 0.02% more scary.
Clank. Clonk. Twang. Thud.

Minecraft snapshot 15w37a
This weeks snapshot is not late, we just decided that Thursday is basically Wednesday+1!

Notable changes:

Rebalanced weapon, tools again.
Rebalanced shields.
Hardcore mode no longer deletes your world on death; instead you may spectate it.
Added new gamerule to disable chunk generation for spectators.
Allowed the bow to be shot from off-hand.
Made chunk generation much smoother in both multiplayer and singleplayer.
Added new flatworld preset.
Lots of optimisations.
Many bug fixes.
Cuddling increases happiness by 35%.

Update: Snapshot 15w36d has been released to fix some bugs and other smaller issues.

[83040] – Two Handed Map Bug: Offhand map doesn't update
[87871] – Iron Golem attacks peaceful mobs and player for no reason
[87878] – End Void does not deal damage to the player / Can't fall into the void
[87916] – Server warning: Tried to assign a mutable BlockPos to tick data
[87979] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Starting integrated server

Update: Snapshot 15w36c has been released to fix another crash.

Update: Snapshot 15w36b has been released to fix some crashing, some smaller tweaks to AI and armour calculations.

It’s wednesday again – really wednesday this time, not a phony monwednesday! This can only mean three things – but we only care about the second possibility… snapshot!

Notable changes:

Rebalanced armour.
Changed damage & protection enchantments to match new armour system.
Fixed a few AI bugs across lots of mobs.
Made endermen creepy again.
More optimisations! Many optimisations!
Added player collision again.
Fishing rods can now catch entities properly again.
Added team-based options for collision.
The world may corrupt slightly less times now! Or slightly more, we’re not sure!
I like hugs!

Update: We’ve released snapshot 15w35e to improve the internal block id hypermatrix.

Fixed potential world corruption

Update: We’ve released snapshot 15w35d to fix some crashes.

Fixed crashes

Update: We’ve released snapshot 15w35c to fix some issues with some blocks that refused to stay in their designated chunks.

[87078] – Using a sweep attack sends "lasdjfhlsdhjflsdij" to output log
[87194] – Oak and cobblestone stairs placed or generated (NPC villages) in 15w35b are invisible
[87196] – Generated or placed doors are half or complete invisible after relog
[87223] – Changing command block type crashes game (impulse, chain, or repeat)
[87524] – Repeating Conditional Command Blocks have very strange chaining properties.

Update: We’ve released snapshot 15w35b to loosen the new zombie clothes. They were so tight they couldn’t walk, poor things.

By order of the bone, today is officially declared a Wednesday.


Have you ever noticed how weird that word is? Wednesday. Wednesday. It makes no sense!

Anyhows, we’re not going to be in the office much this week so we thought we’d bring you a snapshot today to fix some issues brought about by last weeks experimental changes. I also put some clothes on some zombies, as I couldn’t help but blush every time one of them walked past.

Notable changes:

Finished the magic trick in which we vanished chunks. They were hiding under the hat this whole time.
Fixed some old memory leaks in the client.
Put some clothes on the zombies. They may be post mortal, but that’s no reason to be indecent.
Slight rebalancing of tools & weapons.
Even more experimental performance enhancements. Guaranteed to break at least one heart.
Fixed some old memory leaks in the client. Sorry, did I say this already? I forgot.
Liked the command blocks? That wasn’t even their final form.

And these are some of the fixed bugs:

[45763] – Some blocks are facing the wrong way if placed in an Item Frame
[86925] – Running out of memory when exiting
[86937] – Empty Chunks duplicate one-another and cause weird behaviour
[87050] – (2 bugs in one) Glitch with adding attributes to items in 1.9

Update: Snapshot 15w34d has been released to fix a memory allocation crash with the previous snapshot. Blame grum.

Update: Snapshot 15w34c has been released with even more changes to the melee combat mechanics, and some further (experimental) optimisations. Another reminder, nothing is final, we aren’t finished yet, and we are taking all feedback into account whilst designing the new gameplay. Take a backup before trying this snapshot, as it may break your world (in which case, you may yell at grum).

Update: Snapshot 15w34b has been released with further changes to the melee combat mechanics. Once again, please remember that the changes are absolutely not final nor balanced not even a little bit.


That’s the sound of this update being pushed out really fast, due to some new speedy optimisations and speedy combat mechanics.

Todays snapshot makes a start on the melee combat changes, which are completely not final nor balanced at all in the absolute slightest not even a little bit really honestly seriously. We welcome all feedback, but please remember that nothing is yet balanced and the mechanics themselves are subject to change and redesign.

Here are some of the notable changes:

New “attack strength” combat mechanic.
Maps now start at a more useful zoom level.
New recipe for zooming in a map.
Lots of optimisations!
Improved command blocks.
Worsened Zombies’ arms getting tired.

And these are some of the fixed bugs:

[83471] – "CustomPotionEffects" Inoperable with Splash / lingering Potions
[85115] – Dragon Fireball doesn't have a name (entity.DragonFireball.name)
[85592] – Default log4j2.xml is suboptimal
[86137] – Crash when breaking heads
[86138] – Pick block on Mob (Dragon) Head / Structure block crashes the game
[86152] – Records lose their custom name when placed in a record player

Minecraft snapshot 15w31c

[2835] – Resizing the Minecraft window while dead grays out the Respawn/Exit to Menu buttons and several other screens
[67952] – XP Orbs have graphical bugs when looking straight down
[82821] – Levitation potion is named "potion.levitation"
[82824] – Picking up items doesnt stack them into the offhand slot.
[82828] – 1/4 of stairs get rendered incorrectly on one side while in hotbar
[82832] – End Portal Spawns position changes
[82870] – Chorus Plant Hitbox
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[82901] – Slight player offset when on Grass Path Block
[82928] – Items being slightly pushed down in the screen.
[83004] – Player in the Inventory is not displaying correctly when not holding an item in the first slot!
[83068] – Fire floats above block
[83079] – Chest model in hand tilted awkwardly
[83163] – Purpur double slabs drop nothing when broken
[83239] – Respawned dragon doesn't have a health bar
[83448] – Dragon respawns in old world
[83702] – Subsequent dragons drop another egg when killed
[83883] – Using banner on cauldron creates another banner of last stage
[83894] – /replaceitem cannot place non-armor items into mobs' head slot
[83906] – Map in offhand shows arms when invisible
[83943] – When I use pick block on double purpur slab blocks it doesnt do anything.
[84000] – Holding enchanted armour gives same effects as wearing it
[84035] – Enderdragon can't die unless perched on portal
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[84131] – Potion of water breathing missing and fire resistance (8:00) not working as expected
[84191] – Shulker looks weird when it rides on minecart
[84198] – Chorus Fruit can teleport you to the roof of the Nether

Update: Snapshot 15w31b has been released and contains the following (and probably some more) bugfixes:

[82808] – New arrow names
[82809] – Texture errors for Spectral Arrow
[82819] – Levitating for too long kicks the player
[82842] – Multiplayer whenever someone mines the body of another player shakes
[82859] – You get a stack of the new arrow upon picking it up on the ground
[82873] – Cannot get property on Rails
[82874] – When you do /kill with a left arm set it goes to a right arm
Minecraft download free cracked launcher full install
[82876] – Hide particles not working
[82880] – Cannot get property while planting cocoa beans.
[82896] – /clear doesn't clear slots other than main inventory
[82907] – Signed Book and Quil messed up result
[82938] – Enderman missplaced arm + head
[83041] – Armor slots in /replaceitem do not work as intended
[83143] – Glowing effect does not have team color around armor or held items
[83187] – Signs show opening and closing quotes on each line
[83313] – Failed to save chunk java.io.UTFDataFormatException: encoded string too long: 65541 bytes
[83460] – Tellraw is completely broken!
[83623] – Item models break when tools with durability use the Unbreakable tag.
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[83709] – Scrolling in the "Miscellaneous" creative inventory tab skips one row
[83818] – [Resource Pack Bug] Crash when using cull faces with multipart blockstates
[83838] – ShulkerBullet NBT gets corrupted when (Owner,) Target and Pos position are equal


It’s time! It’s that time again! It’s finally here! It’s snapshot time! Snapshots!
A little later than I’d have liked, but we’re now ready to start public testing of Minecraft 1.9: The Combat Update. As you can expect from the name, the update is mostly about cuddling and farming plants.
I’m not going to tell you what’s new, but I will tell you what isn’t new… yet. These are the things you should not expect to find in this super-alpha-development-preview-test-build-thing:

Any balancing of any kind. Seriously, expect things to be hilariously overpowered or underpowered.
Melee combat changes. Melee combat will change, just not in this snapshot.
Shields. They tie into the melee combat changes.
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The meaning of life. That’s also for another snapshot.
Hugs. You can find those over here instead.
Perfect respawn mechanics of the end. You can respawn the dragon right now by drawing a creeper face with clay, but it won’t respawn everything yet. That’s temporary.
Lots of new items/blocks which don’t exist yet. That’s why you’re respawning the dragon like above.
New potions or enchantments. There will be new ones, just not right now!
Subtitles support. It’s still planned for 1.9!
Proper offhand interaction support. Right now it doesn’t entirely work as expected, we have to go through every interaction and decide what should happen each time.
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Lots of stuff, really. We have a lot of things planned for 1.9, and this is just the first snapshot. Gotta keep some surprises!

Minecraft 1.8.4 Security Release

We have released a new version of Minecraft 1.8, called 1.8.4, which is now available for download in your launcher. This release fixes a few reported security issues, in addition to some other minor bug fixes & performance tweaks.
This version is fully compatible with all previous 1.8 versions, but it is still highly recommend to update to 1.8.4 as soon as possible.
Notable fixes:
[46771] – Pets follow spectator
[61758] – Vines no longer spread correctly in corners
[68642] – Certain characters cannot be typed on certain keyboard layouts ("AltGr" behaving like "Ctrl")
[73504] – Nether portals place players in front of the portal
[78495] – Duplicating items
Minecraft download free cracked launcher full install
[79079] – Malicious clients can force a server to freeze
[79612] – Malicious clients can force a server to go out memory
[78020] – User (formerly known as olduser) has joined shows multiple times

Snapshot 15w14a

We have removed the ability to directly harm other creatures. You should be rewarded for helping, not hurting.
Removed Health and Hunger. We feel that these are not appropriate gameplay mechanics for a game about love, sharing and peacefulness.
Added a new “Love” meter. This fills up the more you help others, and others help you.
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“Survival” mode has been renamed to “Existence”.

Bats are now 20% cuter. Squeek.
Chickens can now be ridden by any player less than two blocks tall.
Cows will now alert you to important events that you may have missed by means of an audible notification.
Pigs can no longer fly, but can now climb on walls.
Rabbits are fluffy.
Sheep will, if asked nicely, share their wool to keep you warm.
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Squid changed, but we’re still trying to figure out how or why.

Monsters Inhabitants
“Monsters” are no longer named as such. The preferred term is “Inhabitants”, as they live in this world just like you or me.
Steve and Alex have realized that the inhabitants are not evil, and just want to hug and get along.
Creepers no longer explode. They have gotten over their nervous disposition and are much more friendly once you get to know them.
Skeletons have revealed themselves to be very efficient farmers, having a permanent source of bone meal on them at all times.
Blazes are actually pretty cool guys and will defend you from harm.
Guardians have put aside the initial misunderstanding, and now welcome you into their home with arms… erm… eyes… wide open.
Ghasts are no longer frightened so easily, and will offer you rides throughout the nether.
Slimes are now pretty fun to hang around with, sharing their secret jumping abilities to those that will listen.
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Witches are super friendly and surprisingly knowledgable. They will help you by sharing their potions.
Zombies are extremely cuddly and love to hug.
The Wither has been replaced with his lovable pink counterpart, promoting vitality and nourishment to the environment around him.

Weather & Environment
Removed rain as it upset a lot of players.
Falling snow has a chance to make exposed chests mysteriously full of goodies at midnight.

Villagers & Villages
Trading has been rebalanced. We felt that the previous incarnation wasn’t very fair, and believe the new system is a step towards helping fix this.
Villagers will offer you help in picking up items or blocks, in exchange for a small fee for their services.
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Iron Golems can appear as a manifestation of the village’s love for you.

Lava has been replaced with liquid cheese. It’s delicious and much safer!
TNT has been replaced with a much friendlier block: A love bomb.

As we no longer have a hunger system, food items now give Happiness instead of Saturation.
Carrot on a Stick has been removed. It was just cruel to pigs and we are very sorry for this.

Bows no longer require arrows.
Shooting things makes them fall in love with the first thing they see.
Removed combat.

World generation & terrain
Dungeons have been replaced with homes, offering a much more inviting and comfortable experience for everybody.
All caves have been checked by the Minecraft Safety Committee to ensure a safer experience for players.
Desert temples no longer contain TNT traps, and come with a nice, safe way to access the bottom floor.
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Some cliff edges may be lined with fences to avoid accidents by the unwary traveller.
Jungle temples are no longer trapped, containing instead a new rare Golden Creeper to reward exploration.

Some potions such as Strength or Harming have been removed, as we no longer have a place for them in the game.
Added four (4) new potions:
Love Potion
Happiness Potion
Potion of Sharing
Potion of Caring
Fun Potion

Horses can no longer be ridden as this was deemed unfair to the horses.
In compensation to the horses, they can now ride on your shoulders.
Minecarts now have a fluffy pink interior.
Added obsidian boats which are impossible to break.
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Improved regular wooden boats.
Added dirt bikes.
Ender pearls no longer transport you to the target, but instead the target to you.

Weather & Environment
Added rain back as it soothed a lot of players.
Falling snow has a chance to make exposed chests mysteriously full of goodies at midnight.

Game Settings
Not everybody had the same experience playing Minecraft under different configurations, so we decided to remove all the graphical settings.
You may now only have one world, in order to reduce fragmentation and to treat all worlds as equals.
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Some resource packs were prettier than others, giving some players an unfair advantage in the amount of fun they were having. This has been fixed.

Minecraft 1.8.2-pre7 – Updated

[0] – Not enough hugs given since the holidays ended
[141] – "/spawnpoint" command fails directly on Pressure Plates, Cobwebs, Signs, Open Fence Gates
[3416] – Player location marker invisible on map (wrong Z-Order). One-line fix included.
[13057] – Multiplayer "back to title screen" button incorrect
[47832] – Certain entities can't be selected by type
[57691] – Water generates above sea level as part of ocean monument generation
[63370] – Baby Cows are Milkable
[66090] – TNT is no longer colliding with a block placed above it when the TNT is triggered
[67150] – Ocean Monument cuts unnaturally into ocean floor
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[72574] – /stats command doesn't work on players who aren't op
[77047] – Fullscreen Mouse Out-Of-Bounds Behavior
[77055] – Non-ASCII characters rendered wrong (Unicode issue)
[77174] – Wither Skull Dupe Glitch
[77432] – Enchanted fishing rods make enchanted carrot on a sticks

Minecraft 1.8.2-pre6 – Updated

Update: Version 1.8.2-pre6 was just released, it contains fixes for the following issues and some other bugs that were introduced in pre5:

[77018] – Day light doesn't affect water and particles
[77021] – Beacon shows additional glitchy beam

Update: Version 1.8.2-pre5 was just released, it contains some performance tweaks, a bonus hug and fixes the following issues:

[1973] – Items placed into a beacon are lost upon destroying it or reloading a world
[4405] – Beacons work inconsistently in the Nether
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[48219] – Keyboard input causes mouse look to stutter or jerk (Fixed in LWJGL 2.9.3)
[48969] – Tellraw crashes if clickEvent is an URL without "http://"
[49704] – Mooshroom udder texture does not display correctly
[50769] – Mooshrooms incorrectly display custom mushroom models
[67727] – Beacons in Nether need clear path to "sky"
[73406] – Beacon stops working at a certain height
[75083] – Single Player: Can't select any of the previous created worlds in Java 8 (Fixed by installing Java 7) (Windows 8)
[76493] – Able to hit a block behind out of range entity.
[76611] – villages.dat stores player names instead of UUIDs
[76614] – Preexisting vines on east and west sides of blocks are rendered at the wrong face of the block (floating)
[76650] – Glass Pane image flipped
[76691] – Huge Mushrooms Generate Incorrectly
[76716] – Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Updating screen events
[76747] – Various particles near world border rendered incorrectly.
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[76778] – Hoppers grab items from minecarts, that aren't standing directly above them
[76946] – Changing owner of Enderpearl doesn't work.

Update: Version 1.8.2-pre4 was just released and fixes the following issues:

[40275] – Credit screen/End Poem music not playing correctly
[51804] – Corner fences / cobblestone wall with a block next to them turn black (Smooth lighting off)
[71163] – Bed can overlap when placed on grass
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[76562] – Hoppers don't work

Update: Version 1.8.2-pre3 fixes the following issue:

[76556] – Creepers, Blazes, Pigs, Ocelots and Rabbits take damage every 0.5 seconds

Update: Version 1.8.2-pre2 has been released with some more performance tweaks and the following bug fixes:

[417] – Arrows first bounce back then appear at correct location
[3885] – Arrows shot into the underside of a block appear black
[8578] – Hopper sometimes doesn't suck items above when they are overlaying
[41881] – Hopper minecart acts like it is in a different position
[59549] – Graphical Arrow Glitch in Position
[70104] – Arrow visual glitch (fake arrow)
[73866] – Game crash when an item is thrown into a nether portal.
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[74580] – Marker Tag doesn't make hitbox small anymore
[76239] – Minecraft Realms main menu button's text between quotation marks

The download link at the end of this post is updated to link to the 1.8.2-pre2 server and we also refilled the free hugs jar – first come, first serve.


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